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Save your local economy…three stores at a time.

I received the news this morning that our Norman Rockwell-esque Village is again losing a wonderful and vibrant business. I was sick in the pit of my stomach to hear the news, and with other merchants on the verge of closing or leaving, I started second guessing the viability of our own shop.

I took a deep breath, said a few prayers, and decided to use my drive to work as quiet time to detox my brain and
let my soul breathe.

I arrived at work, still not feeling like myself, thinking about the viability and life of our own little shop that has become part of this Village. Speaking with other merchants and store owners on the street, the word was out. Another empty storefront. “Did you hear that (this one) is closing at the end of the month?” “So and so is hanging on by a thread..”Depression, Fear, Panic and other negative thoughts set in and ate away at me.

But I choose to pull myself out of the negative aspirations and speak on a positive note.

“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words….your words become your actions. … your actions become your habits..your habits become your character… your character becomes your destiny..”

Then I found the 350 Project online.
With the last 4 separate customers that came into the store, I began comversation and mentioned the 350 Project and it’s premise of ‘Save 3. Spend $50’ .

They loved it. They each were inspired and took several fliers to pass out to their organizations, friends, other merchants, and then spent $203.71 between the the 4 of them. I joked that they exceeded their commitment, and thanked them for their business.
Not even 20 minutes later, one of my neighboring merchants just came in ecstatic that one of the women who I spoke to, delivered the same flier to him, told him about the promotion and spent $50 at his shop. And this was just over a matter of a couple of hours..imagine what 30 days could do. It works!

It takes one person to start the trend. YOU. Present a Challenge to your community.
If every resident would Select 3 independently owned business that they would miss if they were gone, stop in and say hello, and Spend $50 between the three, over 30 days…a great percentage will go back to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures…plus…it helps to keep these businesses around.

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save Your local economy.

Visit the350Project.net


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The Girl in the Green Scarf

The film, Confessions of a Shopaholic seems to have women all over the world clamoring for that flowy, pleated kelly green scarf.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but mixed reviews and that infamous green scarf piques my interest. The story is about “the trials and tribulations of Rebecca Bloomwood, the journalist with a heart of gold and an empty wallet who finds herself jobless, in mega-debt, and pursued by the villainous collection agent Derek Smeath. We’ve all been there, haven’t we ladies? Finding ourselves shaken and stirred by overdraft fees, spending limits and increased APR’s, but still we cheer Becky on, urging her to go ahead and buy that green scarf. She needs it after all.” ( Excerpt from Let’s Talk Style)

Like many women in today’s economy, I can relate to that ‘must-have’ feeling although I am far from a shopaholic. We do think however, that every woman in the world will want one after seeing the movie too, so we’re getting them in a myriad of colors: purple, magenta, royal blue, redpepper, yellow, and the infamous kelly green. These pleated poly-chiffon babies are a mere $24, and you won’t need to go into debt to own one. So Guilt be gone! Hello baby.

Spoiled Chics the Boutique

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It’s not all about you…..

My sister, Carina is really good with remembering customers names, how many kids they have, where they work, etc..That is one thing that I want to do better, remembering details about customers.

Knowing your customer has been a must-do for eons. But developing a relationship, that allows you to really understand them and know what’s going on in their lives, especially during these tough economic times, will increase customer loyalty, resulting in more solid sales.

Too many retailers are crying the blues, like they’re the only one affected by the economy. So instead of taking the ‘poor me’ attitude, we should focus our energies outward, to the community, to fellow merchants, and especially our customers.
Now, more than ever, it’s all about HER!

Brainstorm with other merchants and retailers to review the situation, determine the customers current needs, and come up with a plan. Check out the pricepoints and styles that are selling, cut back on those that aren’t.

Also, SALES are good. But not everything needs to go on Sale. It devalues your product. Instead, find the right items at the right price. When you go to Market, shop for your customer, as if you are shopping for yourself!

Just because the economy is down, that doesn’t mean that your business will go down. Don’t let fear pull you down.

“For I know the plans that I have for you. Plans to PROSPER and not to harm you. Plans for HOPE and a FUTURE.” -Jeremiah


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