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Random thoughts about body image

I was watching “What Not To Wear”, a show that takes a sans-style chic, goes thru her closet and throws her favorite clothing into the trash because she agreed to get made over with a $5K wardrobe. Ok, I admit it, I would love to do that, I think. They would probably tell me that I wear too much black. I need to wear more things that are fitted and not loose and flowy….I get it.

Personally, I think if you have developed your own personal style, why should you change it to fit someone else’s definition of style. (Unless you clearly don’t have any, like the chicks they choose for this program)
So I love my leggings and boots and loose flowy tops. I’ll probably not change my fashion style…until some day, one day, I lose about 20 pounds, and I can wear the cute little fitted tees and dresses:) ala Carrie Bradshaw.

Which brings me to another story:
My friend and I were at Barnes and Noble before Christmas and we both bought a food journal and a bargain book, The Abs Diet. We planned on being accountable to each other, to be each other’s support and encouragement to lose weight. I have yet to start. I need a kick start!

I’ve been to the gym twice. I have the Isagenix program that my husband and I get automatic monthly shipments. I need to cleanse, detox. I just can’t get started. My resolution: Just show up. Just do it. Easier said than done. I wish I enjoyed running. I wish I had better workout shoes and cute yoga outfits. I wish I could get rid of the’tire’. I wish I had a good writing pen. (really.) I miss that hard sweat, the 2nd -day-after-a-good -work -out muscle pain.

Things I’m doing Tomorrow:
I’ll take a full body picture of myself http://fittipdaily.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/picture-your-weight-loss/ and post where I can’t miss it!

Going to Lainey’s Zumba class for a good hard sweat.

Logging my caloric intake.

Fish and Veggies.

Take down my Christmas decorations.


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Teen designer,Twisted Metal

At 13 years old, Alex Krosovic has accomplished more than most people twice his age. Excelling in academics, running cross-country, playing 4 instruments (piano, guitar, sax and trombone), fishing and kayaking, I wonder when he has time to create jewelry.

He’s been designing jewelry since he was 10. Wrapping and twisting wire into intricate shates and designs, the name “Twisted Metal” was a no brainer.

Depression glass hand wrapped in sterling silver wire pendants

Depression glass hand wrapped in sterling silver wire pendants

His sterling silver twisted wire rings grew in popularity and were so highly coveted that Blocher Jeweler of Ellwood City, Pa. (his hometown), partnered with Alex who began designing one-of-a-kind pieces and offering jewelry repair for their patrons.

During a brainstorming session at Spoiled Chics the Boutique in Sewickley, Pa., a collaboration of ideas ensued which will result in a new, hip, edgy collection of jewelry. Featuring details such as multi layered chains, mixed metals, leather strands, his current line of bone, wood, stone and ‘river glass’ will take on a whole new chapter of style.
Alex Krosovic, Twisted Metal, and his business partner/mom, Sondra Krosovic, also a designer,”On the Rocks Jewelry” will both be featured at a Trunk Show:
Date: September 12, 2009
Time: 10am-5pm
Place: Spoiled Chics the Boutique
350-1/2 Beaver St.
Sewickley, Pa. 15143

Trunk Show info on Facebook

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It all comes down to…The Hat!

San Diego Hat Co., Ultra braid Xlarge contrast Brim

San Diego Hat Co., Ultra braid Xlarge contrast Brim

I am so envious of women who can just plop a hat on their head and look absolutely stunning. I am one of many women who, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t pull it off. I believe that there is an art to wearing a hat, one that I haven’t discovered.

However, there are lot’s of great reasons to wear a hat. A hat is a great accessory that will pull an outfit together, a simple sheath dress with a cute wide brim and you’re ready for all the Kentucky Derby parties.

There are certain rules that usually apply when selecting a hat:
Face shape and proportions for example, small face, small hat, wide face, wide brim

Skin color: The color of your hat should either complement or flatter your skin tone. If your skin is pale with rosy hues, then a pink or red or rust-colored hat would look nice on you. If your skin is dark or with yellow tones, you can wear just about any color hat but do try not to stick to just black.

Another very important reason is that a hat provides ample protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Skin cancer pevention and education has become more prevalent as we are becoming more aware of the dangers of exposing the skin to the sun. Not to mention the age spots, sun spots and freckles that appear on one’s complexion as a result of ‘laying out’.

Despite all the ‘rules’ about wearing a hat, I say, if you feel confident in a hat, if you love it and it makes you feel good, then forget all the ‘rules’.
San Diego Hat Co. available at Spoiled Chics the Boutique

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The Girl in the Green Scarf

The film, Confessions of a Shopaholic seems to have women all over the world clamoring for that flowy, pleated kelly green scarf.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but mixed reviews and that infamous green scarf piques my interest. The story is about “the trials and tribulations of Rebecca Bloomwood, the journalist with a heart of gold and an empty wallet who finds herself jobless, in mega-debt, and pursued by the villainous collection agent Derek Smeath. We’ve all been there, haven’t we ladies? Finding ourselves shaken and stirred by overdraft fees, spending limits and increased APR’s, but still we cheer Becky on, urging her to go ahead and buy that green scarf. She needs it after all.” ( Excerpt from Let’s Talk Style)

Like many women in today’s economy, I can relate to that ‘must-have’ feeling although I am far from a shopaholic. We do think however, that every woman in the world will want one after seeing the movie too, so we’re getting them in a myriad of colors: purple, magenta, royal blue, redpepper, yellow, and the infamous kelly green. These pleated poly-chiffon babies are a mere $24, and you won’t need to go into debt to own one. So Guilt be gone! Hello baby.

Spoiled Chics the Boutique

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