How Small Business can Survive in Recession

Spoiled Chics the Boutique in Sewickley, Pa.

Spoiled Chics the Boutique in Sewickley, Pa.

The Village of Sewickley: Shop, Dine, Unwind

The Village of Sewickley: Shop, Dine, Unwind

This is an exclusive white paper for small business, written by Scott Gerner, How to survive in Recession

This paper exclusively covers the planning and strategy one should follow during recession. It is based on comprehensive research and the advices from small business experts.
Key points:
Don’t think recession is bad
Your positive attitude will let you to stay focused and keep your
customers coming back to you. Remember recession is only a temporary condition. If there is a bad, there must be
a good. Making yourself positive will make your business productive even in time of worse economic crisis.

Get Rid of the fear of Failure, take action
Keep your eyes open.
Add unique value to your product or service.
Promise and deliver value.
Develop low budget but effective marketing plan.
Cut the right cost and spend wisely.

Worth taking the time to read this. “ should not limit your marketing activites as marketing is the key to success during economic slump”.

Click Here: How to Survive in recession



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2 responses to “How Small Business can Survive in Recession

  1. As a final act of desperation, one merchant actually refused to give a customer change for the parking meters unless he/she purchased something at the store. Ok, maybe said in jest, but given the economic atmosphere, a customer doesn’t know how to take a comment like that. Yes, it’s a pain that the meters only take quarters, and it’s worse when a visitor has to go to 3 different places to find quarters, and no one has any to give? Oh, excuse me, the gas station was down to his last two.

    Conversation with shoppers: What brings you into town? Why do you shop here? Why DON’T you? “I don’t think of coming here..”
    These are the questions that we need to find out in order to make any changes.
    “I’ts rush hour..” she says,” and I’d like to stick around, have a drink, meet some friends, listen to some music, before heading back to the other end of town…but there’s nothing keeping me here.”

    :(Nothing keeping me here.

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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