The Plight of Fishy

My poor Fishy, still 'hanging in there'.

My poor Fishy, still 'hanging in there'.


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One response to “The Plight of Fishy

  1. He’s like a balloon, except he doesn’t have the wide open sky to freely move with joy. He’s been floating on his back for 5 months now.

    My fancy goldfish, Fishy has been suffering from what I thought was constipation. Research on google told me to feed him mashed cooked peas.
    Since before Christmas 2008, I have been feeding him mashed peas which acts as a laxative. I have tried aquarium salts, anti-bacterial meds, full and partial water changes on a regular basis, and am now handfeeding him mashed peas…YES, he lays on his side on my palm in the water and takes in what he can of mashed peas.

    So on the other hand, maybe its Swim Bladder Disease, which can be irreversible and fatal. There is surgery to remove the air from the swim bladder which I’ve seriously considered if I knew who to go to. but maybe not…or maybe a combination of both.

    In any event, I am now really involved in his health. I am challenged by his well-being, and it drives me nuts that I can’t seem to help. I have pics on my phone to show George, the fish specialist at Petland. It’s not about my financial investment in trying to nurse Fishy back to health. I’m really sad. I don’t know what to do.

    How do I know when it’s time to humanely put him down, and how?
    That alone is a mental process to go through.

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